emotii in culori

About paintings

Paintings on glass, hand made

 Amaze your friends, colleagues, business partners with paintings on glass – stained glass!

 Are ideals for ageless gifts, personalized gifts, decorating children or grownups rooms and come in various models and dimensions. Having different shapes, our paintings on glass are handmade with special nontoxic materials in stained glass style with special and original decorations.


*     Do not use for cleaning alcohol based solutions.

*       Do not expos the paintings to direct sunlight or near direct heat sources.

*       For removing dust can be used a dry and soft cloth

 ********** For more than one items purchased will be a special discount. **********

The rest is just….colours and emotions.

Enjoy viewing our artwork!

 For viewing an individual painting,  click on the categories from the right side.

Contact us to: picturipesticla@gmail.com


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